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Five Top Decanters for Different Décor Styles

Five Top Decanters for Different Décor Styles

Decanters carry the stigma of being pretentious and unnecessary pieces of glassware that serve no purpose at all but to hold your wines and spirits. However, those criticisms are not indicative of its purpose. Decanters serve very specific functions and are not simply a vessel to hold your drinks. They are used with the intention of separating wines from any solids or sediments that may have formed during the wine’s aging process. Additionally, decanters allow for wines to “breathe,” in other words, they introduce oxygen into the wine which in turn releases dormant flavors, aromas, and textures that would have been wasted if simply consumed right out the bottle. 

Below, we have curated a list of decanters that appeal to various home décor styles. From classic minimalism to contemporary designs, we believe you will find a decanter that will fit your tastes and style. 

The Classic Look

The 1500ml Crystal Wine Decanter is the go-to decanter that suits any style of home décor as a result of its minimalist and sleek design. It would also pair perfectly with virtually any accompanying glassware. This decanter is the perfect piece for a casual gathering all the way to a formal fiesta.

The Contemporary Look

For those who have modern styled living spaces, this Crystal Carafe Decanter would make a great addition to your home. The sleek design with a stainless steel top is sure to sit pretty on any flat surface. On top of that, this decanter comes with a very unique function, that being the wine bottle aerator insert located at the spout. The design allows for one to simply attach the neck of a  wine bottle with the the top of the decanter to effortlessly pour the wine into the vessel. If you’re looking for form and function, this decanter is meant for you!

Another piece we have for the modernist look is this elegant Hand Blown Wine Musical Note Decanter. This very abstractly-shaped decanter will be a point of great interest for guests. The unique shape is sure to captivate any audience as the wines will cascade down the various sleek slopes and curves, having people captivated through the whole process. 

The Art Deco Look

This Tumbler Wine Decanter is a very special piece in this list as it is the only one that has dynamic movement built into the design. Unlike the others, it does not have a flat base to statically rest upon, but rather an obtuse point that makes it so it can rotate 360 degrees. A very performative decanter that also helps the wine in its aeration with all this movement. The perfect quirky piece to add to your art deco styled home!

The Eclectic Look

The Glass Iceberg Red Wine Decanter is the perfect statement piece. Containing a beautifully crafted iceberg that rests at the bottom of the glass, this decanter is guaranteed to spark up some interesting conversations. The eclectic home décor look is characterized by unique finds, and there is no other decanter that looks like this one. However, this decanter does not sacrifice functionality for form, The iceberg is designed to aid with the aeration process as it spreads the poured wines across a larger surface area. 

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