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About Us

What we do
At Wine and Whiskey Decanter, we offer a wide selection of decanters and carafes to elevate your drinking experience and satisfy your needs. Every piece that we make is created with intention and the best quality materials to ensure that our pieces are elegant, functional, and long lasting. Our catalog includes a variety of choices from European-style craftsmanship to swan neck decanters, collectors items to decanter sets. We strive to offer quality products and provide customer satisfaction.


Mission and Values 

Our mission is to inspire people around the world to learn more about decanting and the aeration process of wines, whiskeys, and spirits. We want everyone to experience their beverages to the fullest degree and not miss out on hidden/dormant flavours and aromas. Our decanters and carafes provide a luxurious serving experience for you, your friends and family and will leave them satisfied with the delicious taste of their aerated beverage.

What is Decanting?

Decanting is a practice that enhances the aromas and flavors of most wines through an aeration process. Traditionally, people use either a dedicated decanter or carafe to elevate the different notes in their drink. When you decant a drink, you let it “breathe”, which as a result, unlocks dormant flavors and aromas that would have otherwise been lost if consumed right out of the bottle to which it came from.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us: or (315) 257-6007