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Globe Decanter Set With Carafe, Exquisite Wood-Stand, And 2 Whiskey Glasses

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Enjoy a better-tasting drink with this beautifully crafted decanter. On the surface of the decanter is a design with the same likeness as a globe. The decanter itself contains a detailed ship that sits in the drink of your choosing. Undoubtedly a fantastic conversation starter that will have guests utterly impressed. 


  • The elegantly crafted bottle that contains a ship in the decanter
  • 2 Whiskey glasses that match the decanter theme

Included Items:

  • 1x 850ml Decanter
  • 1x Decanter Stand
  • 2x Whiskey Glasses

Product Dimensions

  • 850ml Decanter - 12.5cm wide, 24cm tall
  • Globe-themed whisky glasses - 8.5cm tall, 8.5cm wide, 7cm wide mouth