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Stainless Steel Professional Bottle Opener Tools Set

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$9.99 - $99.99
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The Stainless Steel Professional Bottle Opener Tools Set is a collection of high-quality tools designed to open a variety of bottles and containers. The set includes a variety of different bottle openers, each specifically designed to open a particular type of bottle or container. Premium zinc and stainless steel are used in it. Whether you're a professional bartender or just enjoy opening bottles at home, this set has everything you need to easily and efficiently open any bottle or container.


  • Material: Zinc alloy + stainless steel
  • Dimension: 27*22*7cm(L X W x H)
  • Package included:
  • Rabbit Wine opener
  • A foil cutter
  • A wine pourer
  • A wine collar (drip ring)
  • 2 bottle stoppers
  • A thermometer and 2 replacement screws (spiral worm)
  • Gift Wood Case