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Stainless Steel Liquor Spirit Pourer

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Wine is a wonderful beverage that complements every meal and every occasion. Why not use a Stainless Steel Liquor Spirit Pourer to add some class to your wine tasting instead? It is made of plastic and is lightweight enough to float in the wine without adding too much weight.


  • Type: Bar Tools
  • Bar Tools Type: Wine Pourers
  • Material: Stainless Steel

More About The Product:

Wine Ready In Seconds: Pour your wine in seconds as opposed to hours by inserting it into the bottle. Wine pourers offer a quick decanter tool to give your wine or other beverage the right amount of oxygen to breathe. Pour yourself a drink and double the value of your bottle!

Safe And Easy To Clean:  Safety materials make your kitchen and refrigerator drink healthier since they are made of food-grade materials, which won't alter the flavor of red wine or other beverages. You can quickly rinse it with water and put it in the dishwasher after the family meal.

Professional Looking: This shot pourer with a tapered spout for liquor, spirit, whiskey, wine, and alcohol provides accuracy, rapid control, and the fastest pour speed possible each and every time. Utilizing one of our free-flow liquor pour spouts will result in less mess and spillage.