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Glass Iceberg Red Wine Decanter

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Inspired by the glaciers in the Arctic regions, this decanter is a great delight to have on display within your home. The design of this decanter is uniquely functional when aerating your spirits. When the drink is poured into this glass, the shape of the iceberg in the decanter spreads the drink throughout, allowing for better aeration and thus resulting in a smoother and more aromatic drinking experience. The bottom of the carafe uses crystal technology to present the appearance of the snow-capped mountains, and the refraction of light by the crystal and wine can make it appear colorful.


  • Uniquely functional iceberg design 
  • Wide base for optimal aeration

Included items:

  • 1x 1800ml Decanter

Product Dimensions

  • Decanter - 24.5cm tall, 9.5cm spout diameter