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Quick Breathing Portable Magic Wine Aerator

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Enhance the flavors and aromas of your wine with this Quick Breathing Portable Magic Wine Aerator. This portable decanter instantly filters out all the impurities in the wine of your choosing with the built-in mesh strainer, resulting in a much smoother texture in your wines. With the portable design, it is the perfect aerating device for people that are traveling and cannot bring a decanter with them. This product also comes with a stand for the aerator to rest on  while you enjoy your glass of wine.


  • Aerates and filters out impurities in your wines instantly
  • Highly portable design for people on-the-go
  • Extremely easy to clean

Included Items

  • 1x Portable Wine Aerator
  • 1x Aerator Stand

Product Dimensions

  • Portable Wine Aerator - 5.7 inches tall, 1.6 inch wide filter opening, 0.7 inch wide spout
  • Aerator Stand - 2.8 inch wide base, stands 6.1 inches tall with portable wine aerator