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Skull Design Colorful Strainer

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Look no further than the Skull Design Colorful Strainer to transform a simple drink into an adventure! This gorgeously designed, high-quality strainer is excellent for dishing up some of your favorite mixed cocktails. Additionally, because of its size, it will fit flawlessly in the majority of taverns and eateries.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Bar Tools Type: Bar Strainers

More About The Product:

Best For Straining: We created this to satisfy your need while blending a thick beverage with lime pulp and seeds. Your drink will become softer by using Hawthorne for the initial sifting of crushed ice and fine mesh for the second straining of tiny fruit components.

Professional Strainer: Everything you need to separate the liquid from the ice, as well as any fruits, herbs, or other solid components, is contained in this strainer.