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Elegant Crystal U-shaped Wine Decanter

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 Our crystal u-shaped decanter is light in weight and easy to use while serving. It incorporates air into your wine and enhances its rich taste and smell. It also makes for the perfect gift to any wine lover. 


  • Capacity
    • With a capacity of 1500ml, it holds the volume of 2 standard bottles of wine. You can easily serve around 10 guests at your next event. 
  • U-shaped design
    • The curved oblique mouth of the decanter allows for easy control and a drip-free pour. The wine sits at the base of the decanter when not in use and the decanter is translucent so you can gauge how full it is.
  • Multipurpose use
    • Display the decanter on your table, home bar, or in the kitchen. Its elegant design is suitable for any occasion. You can also use the carafe for a beautiful presentation of other beverages such as apple juice while hosting a breakfast for your guests.